Looking at MLS MatchDay

Just got a new i-phone today and one of the first things I added was the MLS MatchDay App.  Let me say that I was blown away.  The App is a huge improvement over prior iterations and provides great functionality optimized for the small screen.  In full disclosure, I am not a “techie,” so I am sure there issues with the App that are not readily apparent to my uneducated eyes.  Nevertheless, I found the App outstanding, and that is before utilizing the link with MLS Live.

Some of the highlights include the ready availability of highlights, stats, standings and more, all optimized for the phone screen.  The News screen is easy to read, well organized and does an effective job of aggregating stories by up to three “favorite” teams.  Perhaps the most interesting component of the individual team pages is the aggregation of Tweets by team players, staff and official accounts.  Even for those who don’t have Twitter, this feature provides great one stop shopping for the 140 character thoughts of those affiliated with a team.

Perhaps best of all, the App is free (excluding the MLS Live component).  It really is a “must” for MLS fans.  While much of the content is duplicated on the league’s website, the mobile functionality is definitely worth having.

2 Responses

  1. Please look at the schedules for individual teams. The schedule for the Red Bulls is incorrect by an hour and there is no indication of home or away. I suspect the same is true for all team schedules in the app. MLS has ignored several tweets about this.

  2. Ditto Geoff on the schedule. A bit odd. Other complaint is that the new iteration does not have the same Full Match Highlights capabilities as the old iteration. Within the game recaps accessed through the ‘Scores’ menu we now only have access to individual play highlights. The full match highlights are still available on the league website, but would be nice if they were right there in the app.

    That said, one of the best league apps as there is clearly a desire to get content to the fans, not as a means to upsell their fans (I’m looking at you, NHL app!)

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