Poll Time

It’s a holiday weekend for many, so we thought a quick business poll leading into the weekend would be fun.  The poll is seeking the biggest business surprises in the early MLS season.   Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of many surprises.  Go ahead and vote or add your own.  Enjoy the weekend!

2 Responses

  1. No real business surprises yet this season, i voted for red Bull attendance because in most part as a default because i had no other to vote for other. Red Bull attendance is a little low but i have a feeling that the crowds will return. as far as NBCSN rating they are about where i thought they might be, I believe the rating will only go up through the season taking into account the a low outlier here and there. The League is new to the network and if they use any sort of successful marketing campaign to promote the games then the rating have nowhere to go but up.

  2. I don’t get your question on the Red Bulls attendance. For 2 game avg. they about 18000. Should you not ask about FCD , Or Crew, DC attendance is also lower. What gives?

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