Monday After

Before we jump into attendance figures for the weekend, a couple of quick items.  First, we’ll start with a programming note.  Footiebusiness Contributor Dave Laidig is preparing a comprehensive and extremely interesting look at the Castrol Index and statistical evaluation of players.  Dave has tried to account for the minutes played bias in the Castrol Index and has produced some extremely interesting numbers.  Part I of his series should be up tomorrow.

A quick business thought following NBC’s first two match weekend as a broadcast partners.  The Galaxy/Revs game was the second time in two weeks that the crowd audio overwhelmed the broadcast tandem.  At times, it rendered the game unwatchable, as Arlo White appeared to be speaking from a tin can.  Crowd noise is an important part of televising soccer, but NBC needs to figure out a way to convey the atmosphere in the stadium without detracting from its broadcast.

Onto the attendance numbers, where DC pounded Dallas in a Friday night match before just over 13k at RFK.  This game looked and sounded great on NBC.  A miserable weather day in the New York area contributed a miserable crowd size at Red Bull Arena of just over 13k.  Philly did better on Saturday afternoon, with more than 17k at PPL Park.  TFC playing its second home game of the week drew just under 19k to BMO Field on Saturday.

The late games fared better, with a 21k sellout in Portland, more than 21k in Los Angeles and more than 38k in Seattle.  Rain was seemingly pounding throughout the MLS universe on Saturday, but the overall crowds, especially in East, seem to represent a (temporary?) setback for a league that has been growing steadily at the gate.