Covering the Coverage

Every so often, we like to take a spin around mainstream sports to see how certain outlets are covering the beautiful game.  We’ll start with Sports Illustrated, where, thanks to a Post Office snafu (“we apologize for the damage to your mail”), we just received our March Madness preview issued.  Tucked therein, was a two page MLS preview authored by Grant Wahl which focused on the influx of Colombian talent into the league.  The two pages also included Wahl’s predictions for 2012, include order of finish, champion and more.  Although the preview appeared before week two (or week three for me), the tw0 pages devoted to MLS in such a mainstream sports publication always provides good exposure for the league.

NBC Sports “Pro Soccer Talk” has rounded into form in week three of its existence. Steve Davis has been remarkably prolific, putting out loads of content on a variety of topics daily.  Davis has now been joined by former chief editor Richard Farley to create a staff of two.  Farley hasn’t yet produced much content, but the addition of  a second set of eyes and fingers to the group such only serve to increase the available soccer content on the fledgling site.

USA Today continues to offer solid soccer content, the trick is finding it on the website or in the paper.  On the site, the soccer tab has been relegated to the ranks of “other” rather to holding down a spot on the main page.  Nevertheless, the stories are varied and high quality.

Brian Straus continues to generate solid content on the suddenly soccer friendly Sporting News.  MLS Power Rankings, international stories and other soccer headlines are easily accessible on the site.  This represents as significant change from the days of old when TSN seemingly worked hard to avoid any mention of the sport.