The Monday After

Less than two weeks until First Kick and the pace of preseason is starting to pick up.  The various tournaments started up over the weekend with offering high quality streaming of matches.  Various team Twitter accounts used the matches as an opportunity to reach out to fans by providing updates and play-by-play of the games.  The league has also done an effective job of promoting their matches through the league website. A great feature of the streams is the viewer counter at the bottom of the image which allows fans to track the numbers of folks tuning into the match.  I found the sound quality of the broadcasts wanting, but overall the video offerings of the games were impressive and continues to serve as an effective platform for fans seeking league information and content.

Keeping with the video theme, I checked in with the MLS subscription on youtube over the weekend.  The feature now boasts more than 270,000 subscribers and offers a wide range of video content for fans of the league.  Highlight packages, interviews and other items provide a full suite of free video for fans to consume. is also promoting is MLSLive feature alongside the preseason coverage.  The service boasts more than 230 live games and compatibility with multiple platforms including mobile devices, computers, ipads and more.  Given the tech savvy nature of the average MLS fans and the portability of the subscription, it is likely that the ever improving digital offerings will replace Direct Kick in the coming years.  On a personal level, this may be the first year that I skip Direct Kick and focus on the website offering for my MLS fix.

Finally, the MLS page on Facebook now has over 300,000 “likes”.  By way of comparison, the NHL is just over 2 million, UFC has over 7 million, the NBA over 11 million and Arena football more than 370,000.