San Jose Stadium Moves Forward

We wrote last week about a key final hurdle for the stadium project in San Jose.  The team has cleared that hurdle, thanks to a unanimous vote upholding the planning permit.  The vote by the San Jose Planning Commission upheld earlier action by the same board in December.  However, concerns raised by a neighbor to the project required additional action.  The team is aggressively targeting next Summer to open the new venue.  For more on the action today by the commission, click here.

The stadium and associated land deal have been something of a moving target over the last couple of years.  Last February we wrote about San Jose officials’ recommendation of  a four million dollar gift to Lew Wolff and team to assist in constructing the facility.  funding for the planned stadium has always been a bit fuzzy.  The city of San Jose had previously agreed to chop $40 million off the purchase price of a 75 acre parcel that will include the Stadium and additional mixed use development.  The stadium will seat 15,000 (with additional seating for 3,000 more on a berm at the stadium’s open end) and will use 14 acres of the site.

The meeting was attended by many fans of the team, owner Lew Wolff and MLS President Mark Abbott.   The vote was a big step, but additional municipal action, especially those required by the construction process (including building permits, inspections and other items).   Nevertheless, the project, which includes s substantial mixed-use component, should start moving forward in fairly short order.  For a detailed interview with the team president about the stadium and other matters, click here.