Soccer Business Bits: Union Tickets, Orlando Expansion

The Philadelphia have reached out to fans to announce that only 352 pairs of season tickets remain available for 2012.  The outreach effort is aimed at selling full 18 game seats for all Union home matches.  The packages do not include the All-Star Game but does entitle purchasers to have “priority access” to tickets for the event.  In addition to a parking pass, the ticket also comes with pre and in game access to the large stadium club. The available tickets are scattered throughout the stadium.

Elsewhere, it was announced that Commissioner Don Garber is meeting with representatives interested in bringing a new expansion franchise to Orlando. The March 1 meeting will include the owners of the local lower division franchise, the City Mayor, other community leaders and local media.  The league website offers the following quote from Don Garber, ““While New York City remains the league’s focus for our 20th club, it’s important to continue evaluating future options as we continue to grow the league…this growth has been built on a foundation of strategic expansion strategies, construction of new urban-based stadiums and a growing passionate soccer fan base across North America.”

Sticking with the Orlando theme, we commented yesterday about the tournament held at Disney’s Wide World of Sports.  Thanks to the insights from @AdamSoucie, we learned that Disney has been putting substantial effort to promote the Pro Soccer Challenge.  Visitors to the resort have received materials about the games, and local television and radio media have aggressively covered the tournament.

Finally, here is the latest spot from new league partner NBCSN promoting the league and the season opener.