Soccer Business Bits: SSS Concerts, the Fans & More

Time for some quick hitters from the world of soccer business.  The Sports Business Journal is reporting that the Soccer Stadium, a network of soccer specific venues (made up of a number of MLS franchises and the Rochester Rhinos), has realized some significant success though its effort to jointly book concerts.  The stadiums hit a sweet spot for outdoor concerts by offering venues that can accommodate 18-27,000 people.  Larger stadiums need to draw tens of thousands more to break even, while smaller outdoor venues cannot draw some of the bigger acts.  According to the SBJ, ” the alliance has submitted 20-plus offers to more than a dozen mainstream artists and tours, covering Kiss/Motley Crue, Def Leppard/Poison, Aerosmith and Journey. The decision is up to the individual members of the alliance whether they want to put in an offer on a tour or pass.”

Elsewhere,  the league’s website(through editor Jonah Freedman) weighs in with a great look at the league’s efforts and struggles in attracting soccer fans to MLS.  We have frequently written about the difficulty MLS faces in grabbing the millions of American soccer fans with limited interest in their domestic league.  Every weekend, millions sit on their couches watching soccer in Mexico, England, Italy in elsewhere, while live soccer is being played within an hour of their house.  Freedman says the following, ”

It’s time they became MLS fans, too. Luis’ Real Madrid blanco can live side-by-side with blue and black in his veins. Pat must understand that his Toon Army cred doesn’t prevent him from cheering with the Empire Supporters Club. Allen’s Rojiblancos pride can translate directly to the Rojiblancos in his own backyard. That’s our next big project. That’s the next step in our league growing up. MLS has taken the steps it needs to take to win these fans’ affection. Now we’ve got to snap them up and prove to them we’re worth the attention.”

Finally, the San Antonio Scorpions have announced that they will break ground on February 29 on a new stadium for the team.  To take a look at the proposed stadium, click here.