Soccer Busines: Colorado Creative, Legal Trouble & More

Time for some quick hitters from around the soccer business world.  We’ll start in Colorado, where the Rapids have taken a unique step to promote season tickets and reward their best customers. The team’s 2013 jerseys will include the names of its 2012 season ticket holders woven into the shirts.  The campaign, titled, “Be Part of the Fabric of the Team” is part of the team’s “One Club” theme.  According to a quote in the press release attributed to the team president, Tim Hinchey “this is a unique and special opportunity to have our loyal supporters on the pitch with our players in seasons ahead.”

The Houston Dynamo are all over the news thanks to a weekend dust-up at a local club that involved multiple members of the team.  Because of racial undertones involving the incident and because of prior issues involving the same establishment, the event has generated more interest than the typical late night kerfuffle.  In addition, the Dynamo are one of the teams that have managed to infiltrate the mainstream sports culture in their town.  The toxic combination of race, sports, celebrity and the alleged assault of a police officers guarantees that this story will stay in the public eye. For more, click here.

Finally, the Columbus Business First is reporting that the Crew is pitching local businesses by stating that the team has “generated more than $384 million in direct spending in the region since the Crew started play in 1996 and produced $23.2 million in tax revenue for Columbus, Franklin County and Ohio.”  The team is rolling out these stats as part of an aggressive corporate sales/season ticket sames drive.