And the Winner Is?

Voting is closed and Sporting Kansas City’s remarkable re-brand is the big winner of the American soccer business story of the year according to your votes.  Sporting’s win speaks volumes about the power of social media, as the team effectively used Facebook and Twitter to get out the vote.  As we said in our posts about Sporting’s remarkable transformation, the team managed its re-brand with great skill both on and off the field.  The team adroitly handled the presence of Chad Ochocinco while driving buzz about its new stadium, its new name and its new identity.  Congratulations to Sporting Kansas City on being named the business story of the year in American soccer.

Before Sporting surged ahead, NBC’s new relationship with Major League Soccer was the early leader.  Now that the NBC Sports Channel is now live, the Peacock is continuing its soft push of MLS with its various promotional spots.  Soccer fans and business observers will carefully monitor the league’s new partner to determine how committed the network is to the sport and the league.

Interestingly, Twitter’s role as a soccer news source received the least amount of votes.  There is some irony in that vote total given that Twitter served as a significant gateway for those entering this site to vote. Twitter was the only repeat entrant in our story of the year contest and despite the low numbers of votes it is hard to deny the impact of Twitter and social media as bastions of information, fan outreach and soccer content.