Stories of the Year

This is our last installment in a series of post setting out the top business stories in American soccer from 2011.  We have looked at Portland and Kansas City while also discussing NBC’s entry as a soccer broadcaster and FOX’s big play for World Cup television rights.  We will set up a vote to select the top story early next week.  For now, here is our fifth and final entry for the top story. For entry number five, we will borrow from 2010’s top stories and look at Twitter.

Entrant Number Five

Few sports fans are as devoted to social networking sites as soccer supporters.  Because of the lack of soccer coverage in mainstream media, soccer fans are forced to the web to follow their favorite teams and games abroad.  Twitter has provided the perfect vehicle for fans to keep track of live matches, interact with players and journalists and discuss the beautiful game 140 characters at a time.  Anecdotaly, Twitter use among soccer follower has exploded in 2011, with even technophiles recognizing the value of Twitter as a source for information on the beautiful game.

Twitter makes our top stories list for the second consecutive year.  The medium has seen continued growth and has become a necessary companion for any fan of the beautiful game in the United States.

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  1. As someone with little experience on the latest tech trends, what Twitter feeds do people recommend for soccer news?

  2. Why Footiebusiness of course!

    If you want news type information, Grant Wahl, Ives Galarcep, Jeff Carlisle and Steve Goff are good. Some of the soccer bloggers also tweet fairly frequently and offer good information.

    Fun to follow the owners/front office types that Tweet, Paulson, Heinman, etc… and the team PR folks also have twitter accounts…some more frequently updated than others

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