Covering the Coverage: MLS Conference Championship Edition

Still no power, so here is a quick survey of how the local newsapers are covering their team’s win or loss in Sunday’s compelling Conference Final matchup.  We’ll start in Utah, where RSL continues to enjoy strong local coverage from both the Salt Lake Tribune and the Deseret News. The Trib sports section included  a hard news report on the 3-1 defeat as well as an array of stories in the days leading up to the match.  Trib columnists also typically add their thoughts on RSL matches.  The Deseret News also provided multiple stories about the match and an active comments section.

In Kansas City, the Star includes a detailed “gamer”, blog posts and an array of in-game updates.  The coverage also includes a chat with coach Peter Vermes about off season plans.  The match was a standing room only sellout and the paper included an impressive photo spread of fans at LiveStrong Sporting Park. 

On the winning side, the Houston Chronicle included a detailed match report among its lead stories (sharing ink with the Houston Texans).  The website also provided a slideshow of the game as well as its journalist and fan blogs about the match.  The Chronicle also added a late day report about injured star Brad Davis’ MVP nomination.

Finally, the Los Angeles Times weighed in with this game story.  The website also included a pictoral display capturing highlights from the match.

Hopefully, power will be restored tonight!