Monday After: Still No Power

Apologies for the shortage of posts over the last couple of days, but the 9th day of no power/no heat in the Hartford area is making things a bit challenging.  Unfortunately, that has meant a total inability to watch the MLS Cup Playoffs.  Nevertheless, here are a couple of quick thoughts from the last weekend of games.

The crowd in KC looked and sounded great on Sunday night. Sporting is a great example of what a well crafted re-brand, combined with a devoted ownership and a new stadium can mean for soccer in a city.   Kansas City was considered a soccer backwater for the last few years, but the franchise has been revitalized by the changes of the last year and the team offers a road map as to how some of the other moribund cam reinvigorate their teams.

This article from the Examiner has been making the rounds on soccer and mainstream sports websites over the last few days.  The basic premise is that MLS has surpassed the NHL and NBA and become the third highest professional team sport in terms of per game average attendance.  The merits of measuring attendance on a per game basis can be debated, but there is little argument that soccer has risen as in an in person appointment viewing event.  Whether television ratings will follow is the big question, but there is no doubt the league has taken tremendous strides in the last few years.

Finally, the English paper, Guardian offered live minute by minute blogs of the Conference Championships.  I have no idea what that means for the league’s popularity in England,