Soccer Business Bits: Televising the MLS Cup Playoffs, WPS Changes & More

The MLS Cup Playoffs are under way with New York the first team to advance out of the newly minted Wildcard round.  The first playoff match was televised on FSC.  However, with the Colorado/Columbus match not scheduled to be televised nationally, MLS smartly made the match available to all fans via the website.  Fans with access to MatchDay Live will also have their usual access to the game.  The rest of the weekend games will be available on national television.  Saturday night’s RSL/Seattle match will be available on FSC, while the NY/LA and Phi/Hou matches will be part of a Sunday doubleheader on ESPN2.  The Sunday games will kick off at 3 and 5 and will provide fans with 4 straight hours of exciting soccer.  Unfortunately for MLS, the matches will be up against the ratings juggernaut that is the NFL.

The yearlong saga that has been the WPS relationship with the magicJack franchise has finally come to an end.  The league has terminated the Boca Raton franchise after just one year of ownership by Dan Borislow.  The league had been engaged in legal action with Mr. Borislow trying to stave off the termination action.   The move leaves the league with just five teams.  For more on the story, click here.

One final note:  MLS got its dream playoff match-up with New York and Los Angeles meeting this weekend. While the early playoff meeting ensures that the two teams won’t meet in a showcase Final game, the two game series ensures that the league’s marquee franchises will square off in the playoffs.

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  1. I tried MDL and found a pirate site that had the match with higher video quality (I messed around with the resolution settings but the other site was still superior to MDL). I wonder why that is. Maybe because so many people were tuning into the MDL stream that they couldn’t handle all the users without bumping down the resolution a bit?

  2. I read the article on the WPS and found it interesting. It seemed to me if Borislow really wanted to help women’s soccer he would realize making a successful women’s professional league is the best thing that could happen for the women’s national team. The other point he fails to realize in my estimation is the free market dictates what a fair salary is for a player as well as what the owner of the team can afford and is willing to lose. A league with 24 or 30 highly paid superstars doesn’t make much of a league if you can’t afford to pay the 100 to 200 players to help fill the roster slots on the various teams. Wasn’t his plan already tried with the WUSA and we all remember how well that worked out.

  3. True Jack or go back to NASL as that was essentially that formula that didn’t work as well.

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