MLS Award Season: Team PR Award

It is the time of year when votes are cast in Major League Soccer.  These include the VW Most Valuable Player, Allstate Goalkeeper of the year Defender of the Year, Coach of the Year, referee awards and more (there are less with sponsors this year as compared to last year). We cast our votes earlier this week and will certainly report on the winners when they are announced.

‘  In past years, among the lesser known awards is the “Team Public Relations Award”.  However, this year, the award has mysteriously disappeared from the roster of the awards.  Because this is a site about the business of soccer, we find the PR award especially interesting.  Although there is no vote to cast this year, we still thought it worth getting your input on what team MLS PR Department/Front Office is most deserving. Leave us a comment below with your thoughts or send us an e-mail with your vote.

In past years, the Award was defined this way:  “Department recognized for consistent, accurate and proactive efforts in providing media members with information and generating coverage for its team.”    Here is how we described our vote in 2009:

After careful consideration, we elected to give our first place vote to the Seattle Sounders.  The pre-season guerrrila campaign was brilliant, the billboards were omnipresent and the results speak for themselves.  Despite the advantages of being “new”, the Sounders organization did an outstanding job of promoting their product and their players.  By the end of the regular season, a Swedish International was a household name in the city, the goalie was all over the news and the team was a lead story.

For the record, we also thought long and hard about our second place vote, and we ultimately gave that to the Dynamo.  Houston’s array of promotional events for each game, community outreach programs and other events are unmatched throughout the League.  Houston sets the standard among MLS franchises in working to promote each game to potential walk-up crowds.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. YES ! We have to concur with Seattle Sounders far and away the best Public Relations team in the league.

    Although they have plenty of work with large attendances, an international travel schedule and countless requests, they still manage a professional reply each and every time.

    The I.S.A. is proud to exhibit artifacts from all three U.S. Open Cup wins – including match tickets, programs and even 3 match-worn jerseys and winner’s medals of the players that starred in these historic victories.

    Any organization that realizes that others sharing the passion will be a bill board for their club and work as hard to promote or speak highly of them will benefit.

    We are happy to do that. If there was a hypothetical vote for professional PR team of the year, our selection would look like this:

    1. Seattle Sounders
    2. Richmond Kickers
    3. Sporting Kansas City
    4. Portland Timbers
    5. Orlando City

    We hope that others will follow the example set by these American clubs and find support in their community.

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