The Monday After

Busy final regular season in Major League Soccer, but before we get to the attendance numbers, here are some quick hits from the weekend.  First, the big story on Friday was the Fox and Telemudno victories in securing the 2018 and 2022 US World Cup bids.  The total bid price was approximately one billion dollars. What is the significance of the big Fox victory?  We’ll discuss this more detail in our post tomorrow.

The regular season finished out with a full slate of games in MLS.    The week started with a thriller in DC and just over 14k were in attendance as United’s post season hopes were dashed at RFK.  On Thursday night, the Red Bulls clinched a playoff birth before an announced more than 25k despite a slew of empty seats in the arena.   Early Saturday, the Revs avoided the Wooden Spoon before 21,600 at BMO Field in Toronto.  Vancouver finished with 21k, while DC played a meaningless match before almost 16k at RFK.    Chicago and RSL both cracked the 20k mark in their regular season finales.  Chivas also broke through the 20k mark on Saturday night, while San Jose played out the string before just under 11k.

In sum, it was a great attendance year for Major League Soccer.  We’ll have more to say about this in a later post, but 2011 was a banner year for the league in the stands.  The additions of Seattle, Portland, Philadelphia and Vancouver over the last couple of years have continued to increase attendance.  New stadium situations in New York and Kansas City have also added to the impressive numbers.


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  1. Should be worth noting that the league counts all SEASON TICKETS SOLD before or during the season as a purchased ticket. So, if you have empty seats belonging to season ticket holders, they count towards the attendance. Keep in mind, that seat was bought. So, it’s money. Even if it’s empty, the purchase was made so while it may not look nice, the money’s been made. ALL MAJOR SPORTS do this, see: baseball. Also worth noting are league attendances around the world. Watch a game on TV from Italy, etc. and not all the seats are filled for every game, every season. The overall health of the league is gauged by many factors not just whether a stadium “looked empty” on T.V. As someone pointed out, there are 20 things to do at any given time in NYC, so if people skipped training out to Harrison, then there’s a reason. If the Cosmos don’t average 20k, then we can worry.

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