Soccer Business Bits: Bids Submitted, Vancouver Strike & More

Earlier this week we wrote about the bid submission process for television rights to the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cup.  Those bids were submitted today in a closed door meeting.  English and Spanish language rights are both in play.  An announcement on the winner could come as early as Friday.  As we said a couple of days back,the stakes are especially high since both ESPN and NBC have rights to MLS through 2014.  Will the losing network in Switzerland have lessened motivation to promote the domestic league? Will a loss to NBC deprive MLS of the wall to wall coverage only ESPN can offer its properties?

The opening of BC Place was supposed to be a banner moment for Major League Soccer and the Vancouver Whitecaps.  However, just a few weeks after the grand opening of the new soccer facility, the Whitecaps’ last game of the season is in doubt because of a potential strike by workers at the facility.   The union issued a 72 hour strike notice which would enable them to strike in advance of the team’s final match of 2011. However, a deal could still be reached or the union may elect to not strike on the day of the game. For more on the story, check out this story in the Vancouver Sun.

Finally, the league has formalized plans for the Montreal Impact’s expansion draft at the end of November.  Teams must submit their protected list of 11 players by November 21.  Two days later, the Impact will have the opportunity to select 10 players for their 2012 rosters.  Non graduated Generation adidas players need not be protected, and there is no obligation to protect Designated Players.  For more, click here.


3 Responses

  1. I don’t get the obsession with ESPN. They haven’t offered the league wall to wall coverage during their most recent deal. They put way more effort into promoting their EPL games than they do the weekly MLS games. Dropping the game of the week from Thursdays was an indicator that they were no longer interested in backing MLS. Frankly they have been an incredibly disappointing partner for MLS.

    I see NBC as a much better match for MLS. Higher visibility when their games show up on NBC (as per the contract for next year) plus a network that will treat the league as important (like they do with the NHL). Versus has significant basic cable penetration these days and it will have terrific name brand recognition when it gets rebranded to NBC sports.

    As a viewer I would also rather see NBC become the dominant provider of MLS and the Nats. I find ESPN’s coverage to be lackluster. I know we disagree on this but I found their WC coverage to be fairly substandard compared to what Univision had on offer (specifically game presentation, getting all the intros uninterrupted). Considering Univision is an NBC owned network I’m excited by the prospect of them winning the rights. Also it must be said that they do a really good job with their MLS coverage (Their HD feed is wonderfully uncluttered unlike ESPN 2’s ridiculous bottom line and rather thick score graphic).

  2. Gregg: Interesting points. I think the upside to ESPN is that so many sports fans get their sports fix from their various platforms. If you think MLS gets little attention now on the network, there would be much less if the league disappears from the ESPN family

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