The Monday After

Quite weekend in Major League Soccer because of an international break, but there will still some items of business significance.  Before we get to attendance, here are a few other stories of interest.  We’ll start in Montreal, where the Impact have announced that they have surged past the 5,000 mark in season ticket sales for the 2012 season.  The has also indicated that almost all of the team’s Category I seats have been sold for the upcoming season.  In addition, approximately half of the team’s corporate suites are spoken for next year.   For more on the status of team ticket sales, click here.

The DC United stadium situation has been in flux for years, with the team exploring options in Virginia, Maryland and the District.   Studies have been commissioned, reports prepared and speeches given yet the team continues to play at RFK Stadium.  The facility is in poor shape, the rent is high and neighborhood largely devoid of dining options.  Yet the stadium has the advantage of easy Metro access and a location centered between a fan base located in two states and the District.  Here is a quick interview from the Washington Examiner with the City Mayor about DC United.  For those interested in stadium politics, the interview is worth a read.

Now on to attendance.  The week started with more than 25k in New York for the Red Bulls/Galaxy match.  In Vancouver, more than 20k were in attendance for a midweek game. On Saturday, the Revs faded back after last week’s high not and barely managed 9k, while Seattle saw its usual 36k for their home loss to Philly.   Meanwhile, the USA played before only 21k at SunLife Stadium in Miami on Saturday night. Monsoon like conditions and the Yom Kippur holiday likely contributed to the limited attendance.