Soccer Business Bits: Becks Gets Richer, Montreal Moves Closer & More

Just a few quick hits from around the soccer business landscape.  We’ll start with David Beckham, who is nearing the end of his Galaxy contract while continuing to play at a high level. is reporting (via the Associated Press), that Becks “personal income” from sponsor ship deals rose 30% last year.  Revenue for the company that handles his personal accounts was almost $24 million in 2011.  Beckham’s enduring brand value is really remarkable.  Despite the quick fade from the initial glow that accompanied his coming to the States and his injury riddled 2010, Becks continues to be an amazingly popular athlete and celebrity.  To read the piece, click here.   To read Grant Wahl’s take on Beckham’s 2011 season on the field, click here.

Elsewhere, Montreal has officially signed its first player to a 2012 in Colombian defender and former Serie A standout Nelson Rivas.   The team is now a full member of of along with th rest of the teams atop the website banner.  A trip to the Impact website offers fans a fun video highlighting the history of the Montreal soccer franchise along with other video about the team and league.  2012 season tickets will be available in five categories, $250, $350, $550, $850 and $1,250.

Finally, NASL announced today that they have signed a deal with GolTV to broadcast a 30 minute television program over the next six weeks (three live shows) on the soccer network.  The show will be titled Team NASL and will  include highlights, interviews and other footage of the lower division league.