Expansion Thoughts

Yesterday we posted a poll to determine what you think the best candidate destination would be for Major League Soccer’s 20th team.  The overwhelming winner was Minnesota, and although an e-mail and Twitter campaign may have significantly contributed to the success of the Twin City area, there are definite upsides to moving MLS up North.   Here is what I wrote in December of 2009 about the prospects of a team in Minnesota.
“At a recent Metro Sports Commission Meeting, Chair Paul Thatcher suggested that the Vikings are interested in bringing an MLS team to the Twin Cities.  Unfortunately, the article doesn’t offer much more detail than that.  Minnesota has never been a top contender for an MLS team, despite a successful run at the lower rungs of American soccer.  Stadiums are being built in the State, but it seems unlikely that MLS will find its way to Minnesota in the near term.”

Does that still ring true?

The second place finisher was New York2, clearly the favorite of the league office.  The dream of the New York Cosmos continues to dangle in front of league fans.  However, the Cosmos are not the only option.  Recall that Commissioner Garber has repeatedly stated that he believes the Wilpons would make excellent soccer owners and noted that Citi Field had hosted a WFC match the night before the ASG. He also noted that a Wilpon family rep was in attendance at the ASG. The Wilpons received some great news this week when they learned that their potential exposure in the Madoff suits could be considerably less than the previously reported $1 billion.

Atlanta was a surprising third place.  As we have previously stated, Arthur Blank (the owner of the Atlanta Falcons) has long been rumored as a potential league owner but there has long been suspicions that the city would be unable to support a team.