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Every so often, we like to take a look around the web to see how local newspapers are covering soccer in the United States.  This was an extremely interesting time to take a look, given the rare soccer controversy that became a big story (Rafa Marquez’s scathing comments directed to his own teammates), on some of the national sports websites.  Combined with the Red Bull’s disastrous loss to RSL, there was plenty of fodder for the local soccer press.

Brian Lewis’ gamer in the New York Post is here.   The Newark Stark Ledger offer this take on the debacle.   Stefan Bondy of the Daily News offers his take here.   Notably, much of the New York coverage was blog based, while the New York Times offered only an AP article on the game.  Not surprisingly, the Salt Lake Tribune‘s coverage included a detailed story on the match.  On the paper’s website, the game story was the most popular piece on the site.

In Oregon, coverage of the Timbers remains thorough.  Here is the story from Oregon Live.  The site regularly features detailed news and feature stories on the team akin to many of the other medium markets.  The Mercury News weighed in with three soccer stories, including the AP take on the match, a full local report on the game and a wire story on Serie A television rights.

Nationally, Grant Wahl pulls no punches in offering his take on the Rafa Marquez experiment in New York. Finally, on, Leander Schaerlaeckens weighs in with a great piece on the MLS fan base.  Lots to enjoy in his article, but this quote especially stood out: “The Timbers even allow the Army to keep a commission on the tickets it sells. That has helped the Army raise $200,000 this season, which it spends on its own operations, replenishing its merchandise stock (sold nearly at cost) and charitable efforts such as sprucing up Portland’s soccer fields.”  Pretty novel concept and seems to be a great success.


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