The Wednesday After

After about 48 hours without power, we are back up and running here (although many in the area may have another week without juice).  We are way behind on our business news, but here are a couple of stories from the last couple of days.

The George John transfer from FC Dallas to Blackburn fell through.  Last week we noted that under league policy, FC Dallas would receive 2/3 of the transfer funds while the league will receive the rest.  FC Dallas would have been able use $650k of the transfer funds as allocation money to purchase new players and pay for more talent.  Even thought the deal fell through (reportedly because John and Blackburn couldn’t agree on terms), FC Dallas comes out a winner.  The retain the talents of John for the rest of the season while sending a message to players and agents that they are willing to transfer players that are looking to move on to bigger clubs. This type of reputation is extremely positive in the world of soccer.

On the attendance front, it was a solid weekend for MLS, with the ususal big crowds in Seattle (36k+), Vancouver (20k+) and Toronto (21k+).  Chicago edged past 15k while Sporting sold standing room seats and passed 20k.  Chivas rounded out the weekend with more than 14k.  Obviously, a number of games were postponed because of the weather.   MLS and its clubs deserve credit for acting early to move these games.  While the Giants and Jets were dithering about their Saturday game until late, MLS was proactive in trying to change the time and date of multiple match-ups.

Finally, WPS’ newest franchise also became its newest champion in the WPS Championship presented by Citi.  Western New York beat Philadelphia at Sahlen Stadium before a crowd of more than 10k.  While there were some turbulent times for WPS in its third season, the league deserves credit for seeing the campaign through to the end and showcasing an exciting  final.