Where Do You Get Your Soccer Fix

Over the years we have learned that are readers are savvy consumers of soccer media who use multiple sources to check soccer news, keep in touch with other fans and follow trends in the beautiful game.  Because a large part of what we cover is the soccer media, we thought it was time for the first Footiebusiness poll since 2009.   The poll seeks to track the source of our readers’ soccer information sources.

We’ve tried to limit the answers to some of the most popular sources of online soccer knowledge. The poll only lets you vote for one choice, but feel free to refresh your browser to vote for all that apply.

Because of the lack of soccer coverage in mainstream media, soccer fans are forced to the web to follow their favorite teams and games abroad.  Twitter has provided the perfect vehicle for fans to keep track of live matches, interact with players and journalists and discuss the beautiful game 140 characters at a time. Other fans prefer sites like BigSoccer that allow fans to interact with each and provide informed (and uninformed) thoughts with each other.

Soccer Journalists such as Steve Goff and Ives Galarcep also enjoy big followings.  Their blogs have long been go to sources for MLS, USMNT and general soccer news.  Fans also use those sites to post comments and react to events in the soccerverse.  Other fans still go to local newspapers (whether in print or via the web) for detailed coverage of their favorite team.

If you use a source not mentioned in the poll, please let us know.  What are the best sources of information?