The Monday After

Before we get to the attendance wrap-up, here are some bonus business items from the press Q&A Commissioner Garber did with the print/online media at the All-Star Game.

1.  Still trying to put a second team in New York, but Cosmos are not the only option.  Believes the Wilpons would make excellent soccer owners and noted that Citi Field had hosted a WFC match the night before the ASG. Also noted that a Wilpon family rep was in attendance at the ASG.

2.  ASG not all about money, otherwise game would have been in Meadowlands.  Garber believes the Red Bull ownership group deserved the game because of all they had invested in their team and stadium.  “This was our opportunity to show our support for them….with something that cost the league a signficant amount of money.”

3. Philly will host an ASG soon as will some of the other markets that have added stadiums.

4. Doesn’t believe that the Summer friendlies have over saturated the market.  He believes that these teams will come anyway, so MLS should partner with them.  “Rising tide lifts all boats and we have more boats on the water than they do.”

5.  League has reached the stage where teams need to make their own decisions about friendlies in mid-season….they need to decide what is best for them (this was in the context of a question about the Red Bulls heading out to the Emirates Cup).

6.  At some point league calendar can be pushed back in March or even into February.

MLS teams were scattered to the winds this week, with Champions League matches, the All-Star Game, Red Bull in Europe and a full MLS slate of games.  The ASG saw a capacity crowd (plus) at RBA while more than 18,700 were in Chester for the Friday night game.  On Saturday, more than 27k packed Empire Field in Vancouver, while just about 18,500 were in Houston and Salt Lake City.   Portland also landed near 18,500 while KC saw more that 17k at LiveStrong Sporting Park.   Only San Jose failed to crest 17k on Saturday night, with just over 10,500 in attendance for an Earthquakes loss.  On Sunday in Dallas, just over 10k endured a furnace at Pizza Hut Park to round out the week.

WPS also enjoyed some big numbers this weekend. On Sunday, SkyBlue played host to more than 5,000 fans while magicJack enjoyed a sell out crowd of over 3k.  Philly enjoyed a recrod crowd of over 4k as the league continues to see a bump from the WWC.