The Monday After

A big weekend for soccer in the United States.  The US Women lost to Japan in the World Cup Final, however there will probably be  another of couple days of soccer coverage from the mainstream media.  Appearances on morning and late night talk shows are sure to follow.  What this means for the WPS remains an open question, but for a weekend, soccer was one of the primary stories in the worlds of both sports and current events.  If Twitter is any indication of the zeitgeist, soccer definitely moved to the fore.  Members of the team who joined Twitter or had existing accounts grew followers by the thousands.  Celebrities like President Obama used Twitter to reach out to the team and the Twitterverse was exploding with soccer commentary.

The broadcast was solid with Darke and Foudy again anchoring the coverage.  Kudos to ESPN for paying attention to the story of the team from Japan and the tragedy faced by those players at home. ESPN bent all of its many platforms to covering the match and the full court press definitely put the game into the mainstream.  Quick comment on the radio coverage; Tommy Smyth continues to entertain and the radio production was solid.

The MLS attendance week started on Wednesday night in Foxboro, with just over 50k in attendance for Man U/Revolution.  The Revs made the decision to not include the game in their season ticket packets (as opposed to Seattle and Chicago).  Whatever the business merits of that decision (and these are tough to figure with only 5k in season ticket holders), this decision is emblematic of the ongoing disconnect between the Revs and their fans.

Seattle started the Saturday games with more than 36k for their exciting match against Colorado.  Dallas fell just short of 11k, while  Columbus just cleared 14k.  Houston had more than 12k at Robertson while Chicago managed an impresssive 16,400.  A visit from the Red Bulls brought Chivas USA almost 15k fans.  The Real Madrid/Galaxy friendly brought more than 56k through Carmeggdon to the Collesium. The lone Sunday match brought more than 13,400 to Foxboro in a game that saw many of the Revs’ supporters walk-out of the stadium in the 16th minute.

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  1. I was a bit out of touch. How come people walked out at the 16th minute? Planned protest? Head start on traffic?

  2. Dave, Philly scored 12 minutes in, and it only got worse for the Revs from then. Final score: 3-0 Union.

  3. Planned protest by the Supporters. They wore black and walked out.

  4. Ungodly quiet on the TV during the whole Revs match. Also, very interesting that the TV broadcast completely cut out views of the Fort after they all left. Only a couple of very, very brief glimpses of the section.

  5. Some people enjoy a good protest. Perhaps it should be a new marketing effort. And when teams wear throwback jerseys, it can coincide with throwback protests (Vietnam, Bush v. Gore, Whiskey Rebellion, etc.).

  6. You do a great job on your site, Ben! Really enjoy the coverage! Thanks!!

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