Womens World Cup Primer

Just a quick take on the big game this weekend.  The US Women will take the field on Sunday with a chance to become World Cup champions.  The Final will kick off at 2:45 on Sunday and promises to draw a significant audience that could rival the 1999 USA/China match.  The game will be broadcast on ESPN and ESPN3.com.  Although lacking the appeal of a US/Brazil final, the game against Japan offers two quality opponents playing at a high level.  Moreover, as we have previously stated, interest in this Cup has grown organically, as the match against Brazil really captured the imagination of the country.

Ian Darke and Julie Foudy will again handle the broadcast responsibilities. They have been a very effective tandem and Darke remains a consummate professional and an outstanding voice for soccer.

The level of coverage from mainstream media outlets has been increasing and promises to grow exponentially in advance of Sunday’s match.  Although SI elected not to put the team on its cover this week (not sure why this was considered such a slight), major media sports outlets have devoted substantial resources to covering the tournament by sending reporters to Germany.