The Tuesday After

Still traveling for the holiday, but we wanted to bring a quick wrap of the weekend that was.  Another series of Womens World Cup matches and a full slate of MLS tilts are in the rear view mirror.  Before we get to attendance, it is worth noting Taylor Twellman’s continued improvement in the booth.  He did a solid job for ESPN2 as part of the RSL/Revs broadcast and continues to grow as an analyst. With respect to ESPN2’s coverage, Lalas and Bretos did a solid job anchoring the various ESPN telecasts from the studio. Stone and Harkes were passable as a second MLS tandem.

On the ad front, the adidas aid featuring Messi, Beckham, Aguedelo, Cooper and more is extremely well done.  Putting MLS athletes in a seamless spots with the best player in the world is an attention grabber.  If you haven’t seen the spot, click here.

On the attendance front, the week started with almost 20k at BMO Field for TFC/Vancouver.  The weekend set started with just over 13k in DC on Saturday night. FC Dallas brought an impressive 20k plus for their home match, Jose’s move to Stanford Stadium yielded a crowd in exess of 40k.  15k came to Carson for the Chivas match on the 2nd, while Portland drew its typical 18k plus.  Colorado’s annual fireworks festival drew more than 18k for a bland match at DSG Park.

2 Responses

  1. Messi… Cooper…
    Cooper might be sent to bench soon.
    SJ should play in Stanford every match against the Galaxy, Red Bulls and maybe the Sounders.
    Lenhart (sp?) called playing at Stanford Stadium was like a In-and-Out Double Double and the current stadium and Santa Clara was a Big Mac.

  2. I support any reference to an In-and-Out Double Double.

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