Soccer Business Bits: More on Stats, LiveStrong Opening & More

Here are some quick hitters from around the world of business and American soccer.  We’ll start with this piece from Simon Kuper in the Financial Times.  Following a theme we have touched on over the last week (both through our interview with Mr.Kuper and our excellent guest post from Dave Laidig), the new Kuper article looks at the growing impact of statistics in club soccer.  Kuper continues to beat the drum for using in depth statistical analysis to unearth transfer market gems and to avoid costly errors.  Kuper again looks to Wenger and Billy Beane as key figures in the statistical movement.  We recommend giving the Financial times article a read.

The Sports Business Journal provides excellent coverage of the LiveStrong Park opening in the most recent edition of that excellent publication.  The article looks favorably upon Sporting’s new home and discusses the great lengths to which the franchise went to cater to its entire fanbase.  There are 5 club levels in the stadium, the branded CoolTV lounge and great appointments in the 35 suites.  Impressively, all 35 suites are sold out at rates from $50-90k for the season.  According to the article, the suites are tied-up for long terms.  The club seats and field level seats are also sold out.

SBJ also took a look at MLS clubs’ efforts to sell their local beer and soft drink rights.  We reported a number of months ago that MLS teams are free to sell their own local rights in certain sponsorhip categories.  SBJ is now reporting that a large number of MLS franchises have inked deals with league sponsors Pepsi and Anheuser-Busch for local rights, while seven have signed with other brewers and more than a handful have signed deals with Dr. Pepper and Coca-Cola.  According to the article, these deals can run from $75-200k.   In the beer category, it is interesting to note that some teams have looked to local brewers for partnerships and as a way to further promote close ties with local businesses.