Selling Tickets in MLS

Time for a quick check around Major League soccer to see what types of promotions and ticket offers teams are pushing for the upcoming slate of games.  If we miss any, please drop us a line and let us know.

We’ll start in Colorado, where the Rapids are looking to capitalize on a visit from David Beckham and Father’s Day weekend to ensure a big crowd on Saturday night.  Here is a list of promotions for the night.  The Rapids have typically put on a big show for July 4th, and the team is already promoting the 2011 version of 4th Fest. The event includes concerts, kids’ activities and fireworks.

In Houston, the June 18 match is sponsored by H-E-B and includes a giveaway for the first 5000 fans.  Unfortunately, clicking through the website doesn’t provide great information about the nature of the giveaway. It may be an apron in Dynamo orange, but the image is tough to decipher.

The Revs play host to Chicago on Saturday night.  The Revs are coming off a Wednesday night home game that drew less than 6,700.  However, there do not appear to be an promotions running in Foxboro on Saturday.

The always aggressive Chivas USA marketing department will give away 10,000 foam fingers as part of their Saturday night match.  The promotion is courtesy of Bush’s Baked Beans.  The team is also offering a buy one get one promotion for the game.  The Father’s Day deal starts at $10.

As always, let us know of any other deals and promotions around the league.

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  1. contrary to popular belief w/in American soccer circles that since the 90s the vast US sporting landscape has not paid any attention to MLS, droves and droves of “light soccer “fans have been “turned away” from MLS for various reasons. A major cause is the socially negative interaction. The primary form of negative response that has been in store the “new MLS fan” has not come from fans of other sports making light of soccer, but rather from fans of other soccer leagues. They represent the major stumbling block from MLS gaining large numbers of committed fans. This is a fact that should not be underestimated. Immigrant fans of teams in other leagues developed through familial ties. The process to convert them to MLS is a complicated one. One thing is certain, the belief that growing MLS is simply a national concern is a fundamentally flawed notion. The idea that MLS should not necessarily concern itself with gaining a international audience is limiting. So you can sign whoever for the league, but ultimately that insular context of MLS will undermine it. In other words, for MLS to grow it has to present a product where fans will believe that their teams are just as good as European teams. Many S. Americans fans truly believe that their historic teams could compete in those European leagues, and that if the World club cup occurred in S. America teams such as Santos could beat Barca. Tim Vickery has mentioned how important the World Club cup is among S. American fans. We could play in Copa lib, and that would help as long as MLS/SUM really sells that tournament. However, MLS needs to help other leagues in our region develop too. The unfortunate fact is that they wont do it themselves.

  2. I am curious to what vendor these online ticket sales are going through. I love the game as well and want to make sure that the event hosts are not giving away proceeds due to per-ticket fees. My company, allows users to sell tickets online for the next fundraiser, soccer match, wine tasting, or backyard bbq for a flat $20 per event. No more per-ticket fees! The guest coming to support the game or fundraiser doesn’t have to deal with the annoying per-ticket fees either.

    Thanks for sharing!


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