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Last year we conducted a lenghty interview with MLSSoccer.com editor Greg Lalas.  At the time we spoke with him, the site was undergoing struggles as it emerged in its new format. Last Spring,  the new MLSSoccer.com replaced the outgoing MLSsoccer.net with great fanfare, as MLS took its website in house and completely redesigned the format and content.  At the start, an array of technical issues created an uproar among MLS fans unable to access stats, video and other features of the website.  According to Mr. Lalas, one of the key goals of the new site was to create a destination for fans of soccer to get information about MLS, world soccer and more.  It took  many fans some time to get accustomed to the new types of articles and commentary available on the site, but in year two the site is running smoothly.  We thought we would take a look at the site in its current form.

Perhaps the best part of the site is the wealth of video and highlight options available to readers.  The front page features entire game highlight packages, single goal replays and more.  Purchasers of MatchDay Live also have access to a wide ranging library of full matches that are easily accessible and easy to use. Multi-media options like the weekly highlight show and the extra time podcast allow fans of the league to access in depth content in a variety media.

The written content is also quite varied, with a nice combination of league news, team specific stories and commentary.  Interestingly, just 48 hours since the European final, there was no coverage of the Barcelona win. This suggests that the site has trended towards a more MLS-centered focus.  The site also includes FutobolMLS.com, a section devoted to Spanish language coverage.    At the bottom of the page, there are links to a number of features that provide in depth reporting, analysis and more.

Overall, MLSSoccer.com continues to grow into a great destination for American soccer fans seeking information, video and cvoerage of the league.  The site is part of our regular rotation and should definitely be part of most fans dose of soccer coverage.


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  1. It’s definitely has become an excellent sight for american centric soccer fans. I think its written content is better than any other site out there if you are an american soccer fan. I hardly do anything with the video on the site and the few times I have in the remote past there were issues with the technical side of things (I think that is getting better though). It is one of my regular stops for soccer info along with soccerbyives.net, footiebusiness.com, fifa.com and sportsillustrated.cnn.com/soccer.

    I was surprised to hear they took 2 days to put any coverage about the Champions League match.

  2. Funny, I was there for both of these events. *Neither of these are my phoots/videos. I agree with the double standard and the league should not be using that TA photo from SLC to promote anything, as it resulted in people being arrested and banned from games/stadium There seems to be a total disconnect between different groups in the FOs, between the fans and their FOs, between FOs themselves and between the FOs and the league. We all need to work together, ALL of us to make this league successful. All the stakeholders involved should sit down together once a year (at least) and hash things out.Thanks for writing this.

  3. Thanks for that! It’s just the answer I needed.

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