The Monday After

Time for a Memorial Day Version of the Monday After.  We spent some of the weekend in the Boston area and were treated to a number of billboards on the major highways surrouding the City that were promoting the Revs/Manchester United match. The boards show images of players on both teams with large replicas of both teams’ crests.  With the recent visit from the Galaxy, the upcoming US/Spain match and the Mancheter United visit, the Summer promises some sizable crowds for soccer at Gillette.  Although Revs have struggled in the attendance department this year, these events could provide soccer fans in the area with the opportuinty to make the trip to Foxboro and perhaps return for a “regular” Revs game.

As we discussed multiple times in the last couple of weeks, the Fox network broadcast the Champions League final on Saturday afternoon.  Some of the initial reviews of the broadcast were not favorable, but Martin Tyler carried the play by play and did his ususal professional job in communicating the game to the viewers.  Most of the trouble lay with the non live action elements of the telecast. FOX included an odd piece with Michael Strahan comparing football and soccer and relied heavily on current and former US Internationals to provide analysis.  Overall, there actual broadcast was of sufficient quality and the combination of top teams and an entertaining game should drive a successful ratings number.

Now on to attendance from a busy week in MLS.  Mid-week numbers inlcluded just over 18k at Red Bull Arena, more than 36k in Seattle and almost 14,500 at the Home Depot Center (perhaps the lowest Galaxy attendance in HDC history?).   Saturday got started with more than 20k in Toronto for a fairly remarkable match that was fun to watch.  Vancouver sold out 21k  seats while the Galaxy circus brought more than 21k into Foxboro.  Columbus failed to clear 10k while Chicago almost hit 12k.  Both Houston and Colorado were near 16,500 with solid numbers for both teams.  RSL brought in about 14,600 while Portland brought in its ususal 18,600+.