Covering the Coverage

Full power tonight after some downed wires made posting impossible yesterday.  Every so often, we take a look at how various media are covering soccer in the United States. We thought now was a good time to take a look at some mainstream sports outlets.

We’ll start with Sports Illustrated, where the most recent edition of the magazine to hit the newstands included a four page spread on the Cascadia rivalary.  Written by Grant Wahl, the piece provides a great look at the Pacific Northwest and includes a fantastic photo of the banners and flags in the stands at Qwest Field at the Sounders/Timbers match as well as other images of the rivalary.  Wahl includes interviews with coaches, players, Timber Joey, fans and more.  The article is especially important beause it provides coverage of a great MLS story without a traditional particular event (e.g. MLS Cup, All Star Game, etc…) to build around.

With the Champions League final just days away, the front page of includes multiple references to the match, including a banner advertisement promoting the game.  Ryan Giggs’ unfortunate last few days are among the lead stories and additional ads about the match line both sides of the home page.  The soccer section of the site includes even more in depth coverage of the upcoming Final.

The under appreciated Yahoo! Sports offers a wide range of soccer coverage with articles looking at an array of European soccer teams, players and matches.  Finding the MLS coverage takes a little doing, but the MLS front page includes a number of pieces from Martin Rogers and links to articles.