Soccer Stadium Update

It’s been a while since our last look at stadium construction around MLS.  We’ll start in Houston, where the Dynamo’s efforts to build in downtown Houston has progressed far enough to warrant a webcam. The Dynamo are expected to contribute $60 million to the project.  The proposed stadium will be shared with Texas Southern Football and other local events. The team  hopes to open in 2012.  Total cost of the projected 21k seat stadium is expected to be about $95 million with the Dynamo ownership (primarily AEG and Golden Boy Promotions) funding about $60 million.  The rest of the funds could come from tax credits,  Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (“TIRZ”) money and from some of the stimulus money floating around.

In Kansas City, the opening of Livestrong Sporting Park is now just weeks away.    The 18,500 seat, natural grass stadium will feature 36 suites, 300 HD televisions and fully covered seating.   There will also be 6 locker rooms, an 1800 square foot video board and 6 locker rooms.  The stadium web cam (complete with a presenting sponsor), can be found here.   The June 9 home opener will be one of 3 home games for the team in June.  The match against the Fire will be nationally televised on ESPN2.

There has been less news on the San Jose Earthquakes stadium front.  San Jose started the process a couple of months back, by beginning the demoltion of its future stadium site. Although the event included a fair amount of pomp and circumstance, the demoltion does not guarantee construction.  Financing and ownership committment still need to be confirmed before the job moves forward.

4 Responses

  1. the Quakes stadium will never get built, at least not by Wolff. The demolition was just meant as a staged event. He’s using this civic emblem as leverage for tax breaks from city government. Its like putting a pretty dress on an old weathered hooker.

  2. team will move to Vegas. I bet!

  3. Quakes should move to SF proper. Work a deal with USD or Re-do Kezar stadium.

  4. Vic’s right. Wolff owns the A’s, and they get a ton of mass transit fans since the stadium is located on Oakland’s subway line. This is why Wolff tried hard to put a new baseball stadium along that line, but further down near San Jose. The reason why he never considered the logically right thing to do for the soccer stadium also, is that it may just be for political capital. What leverage does he have with SJ city if he builds stadium in next door Fremont or Hayward (both of which have subway stops thats SJ doesnt)? A high percentage of San Fran & oakland people rely on that subway line, and it would be easy to get them….San Jose ppl arent gonna care if the team is 8miles north in a suburb of San Jose…they all have cars.

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