Soccer Business Bits: Texas Rivalry, Portland/Seattle & Vegas

The Cascadia rivalry gets most of the attention in MLS, but Dallas and Houston are doing their best to promote the matches between the two teams.  The Dynamo recently purchased a billboard mocking Dallas’ lack of championships and prominently showcasing the two Dynamo trophies.  Houston is not the first MLS franchise to purchase an ad in opposing territory, but this represents the first battle in what promises to be a season long PR war between the teams.  According to the linked article, Dallas is already planning its revenge and both teams plan to ramp up the pranks and hijinks as the season moves forward.

Elsewhere, the weekend saw the first installment of the Seattle/Portland rivalry over the wekend and the atmosphere was as advertised.  Qwest Filed was hopping, the game was nationally telecast and the soccer was entertaining.  Major League Soccer needs more of those days, but the last few years in Portland, Toronto, Vancouver, Philly and Seattle show that such evenings are possible and becoming more frequent.  While some of original MLS franchises are still searching for some of the magic shown by these newer teams, league and team execs hope that the atmosphere will become infectuious.  Regardless, Saturday night was special and the league hopes that it will become the new normal.

Finally, The Sporting News is reporting that MLS is continuing to pursue the dream of a franchise in Las Vegas.  While most leagues have been reluctant to be associated with the gambling capitol of the United States, the possibility of a team in the desert has been talked about for years.  A stadium is a necessity, but the idea of a team in Las Vegas is definitely intriguing.