Covering the Coverage: All RSL All the Time

With American soccer eyes all focused on Rio Tinto, we thought it worth taking a look at how some media outlets were covering the run up to the Champions League clash.  Ground Zero was the Salt Lake Tribune.  In the lead-up to the game, the front page of the Trib’s web site had multiple articles devoted to the match. Within the “preview” section are multiple feature stories, commentary and news covering aspects of the event relating to both the soccer and non-soccer aspects.  It is hard to imagine any other local paper giving this level of coverage to this match. coverage was almost impossible to find, with no stories on the front page of the site or on the front page of  The MLS focused page had some more focused stories including a piece by Jeff Bradley. offered more coverage with a front page story courtesy of the Associated Press.   The soccer page contained a link to the same story and included a link to a Grant Wahl piece that has rotated through the site over past days.  RSL also got coverage in the most recent edition of the magazine.

TheSportingNews provided coverage of the match courtesy of the newly hired Brian Strauss.  However, his piece was not evident on the front page, but only clicking through to the soccer page.

We took a look at some of the major newspapers in Monterrey and found little to no coverage of the match.  However, there were some stories about the NFL labor situation.  The same was true for some Mexico City papers, although we did find some mention of the match.