The Business of Buying Soccer Gear: Where do you Buy?

Over the last couple of years we have posted about buying, selling and shopping for soccer apparel and equipment.  We have interviewed merchants about their marketing strategies and how they reach the soccer buying public.  We also conducted a substantive review of various online merchants, including league websites, to determine where fans can have the best shopping experiences.  For some of those posts, click here.

In reviewing some old posts, we became curious about where soccer fans actually do their shopping.  What are the best places for buying jerseys, cleats and scarves?  Do you favor your team’s site, a league sponsor or soccer focused websites?  Why? Drop us a line in the comments section are at

These are questions that are of significant importance to teams and leagues that try and shape their sales strategies.  As part of our review of the league sites, here is what we wrote in 2010: Merchandise sales are an enormous component of revenue for professional sports leagues.  At the same time, apparel provides an outstanding free source of league exposure and advertising.