Selling Tickets in MLS

We are now entering the fourth week of games in Major League Soccer and teams are now entering into the regular routine of selling tickets for the regular season.  As we do every few weeks, we take a look at the promotions and marketing efforts MLS teams are using to sell seats for the upcoming matches.  We’ll start in Dallas, where the team is cross promoting the team’s Friday night match against Colorado with the ever popular Dallas Cup.  Priced starting at $25, the package includes a ticket to the MLS match and adds a full day adult pass to the Dallas Cup.  Prices for the package increase as the seats to the match improve.

The Red Bulls are selling Family Packs up through July 23.  The packages include four discounted tickets to a particular match and a $20 concession statement.  The Red Bulls are like many teams that offer a season long opportunity to purchase discounted four packs targeted to families.  However, also like many teams, the Red Bulls do not aggressively market the package through the website and fans need to do a bit of exploring to find the opportunity.

Finally, the Rapids are continuing their”Lads Night Out” promotion that was so popular last year.  The 2011 version includes two tickets, two beers and two shirts for $44.  The offerings in this deal have evolved over time, but it remains a good bargain for fans looking to get something more than tickets as part of their game day experience.

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  1. Red Bulls also just used Groupon yesterday. The club sold all 800 tickets available in under 12 hours. The deal was an upper deck ticket for the 4/16 San Jose game plus a scarf or t-shirt for $15.

  2. Are the Red Bulls selling those packages or are they offering them? 🙂

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