Broadcast Blogging: USA v. Paraguay

Every so often, we provide a business blog of big matches broadcast on US television.  Typically, those games are on the Disney family of networks, so we thought we would look at some of the business aspects of the FSC telecast of the USA/Paraguay.  The match was preceded by a studio pre-game show, presented by Pizza Hut.  The studio included Cobi Jones, Eric Wynalda and Christopher Sullivan.  In addition to Pizza Hut,, General Auto Insurance, Kuhmo Tires and Capital One were among national sponsors.

The lead in to the broadcast included highlights of the USA /Argentina.  The booth team was JP Dellacamera and Kyle Martino. Nike, Gatorade, Bud, Pepsi, McDonald’s, Kuhmo, Jimador, AT&T and Dick’s were among sign board sponsors.  For those who are offered FSC in HD via their television providers, the match was available in that medium. Quick note about Kuhmo Tire USA.  The Argentina game was the first match that featured the new US Soccer/Kumho partnership.  This is especially interesting given the relationship between Continental Tires and MLS/SUM.

Martino and Dellacamera worked very well together in the booth and their familiarity was evident.  Brian Dunseth was the third man on the broadcast team.   The camera work was far better than typical for an FSC broadcast and they did a good promoting the FSC Friday night broadcast of the Crew match. FSC promoted the game both verbally and with graphics.  There was also an effort to promote Martino’s Twitter account.

The first set of ads going into the halftime show included Kumho Tires, Pizza Hut, Dick’s, ArmorAll and Proactiv.  Other ads included Gatorade, Army Reserve, Capital One, ZQuiet and Budweiser.  The halftime studio included the same cast of characters as the pre-game and also featured an interview with Tim Howard and FSC wisely had the booth team conducted the interview.  Howard stayed in the booth during the secnod half.  Howard added some great insights and was a valuable add to the broadcast.  The halftime show was sponsored by Dick’s.  The stat line was sponsored by Kumho Tires.