Critical Mention Update

Over the last year or so, we have discussed MLS’ efforts to measure the value of its television exposure through various local and national broadcasts.  Through the website, MLS tries to alert media  to the “value” of its presence on various television programs.  Since a few weeks have passed since we last checked in on this metric, we thought providing a snapshot of this metric of MLS media exposure.  Given the exposure generated by Chad Ochocinco, we thought now would be an especially interesting time to check on MLS’ level of exposure.  The 10 clips reached a cumulative 2.85 million viewers, for over $112,000 in exposure.

The biggest clip was a Sportscenter spot on Ochocinco’s Kansas City trial.  The clip reached more than 816,000 viewers for an estimated publicity value of more than $94,000 dollars.  The feature is especially well done and was also part of the Outside the Lines broadcast over the weekend.  We have been preparing these updates for more than a year and this likely represents the biggest single exposure from any single spot referenced my Critical Mention.  For those who question the value of Ochocinco’s participation in MLS, this really quantifies the valuable exposure.

Moving to Portland, the Timbers got some airtime on the local FOX affiliate as part of the 11:00 p.m. newscast.  The spot focused on Futty Danso, a Timbers defender who also features for Gambia.  The coverage included an interview with the player that lasted over two minutes and went into significant depth about the Portland Timbers.  The interview reached more than 24k viewers and was worth almost $5k in exposure.  This was a great interview for MLS, yet the limited financial value of the spot shows the real value of ESPN coverage.

Finally, we’ll stop in Salt Lake City, where the local Fox affiliate covered the Galaxy/RSL match.  In addition to highlights of three goals from the studio, the coverage also included a report live from the field and player interviews.  This really shows the exposure teams can get from being the “big fish” in a smaller pond.  In total, the coverage reached 51,600 people for a total value of $6600.