Broadcast Blogging: First Kick

Typically, we do a complete business blog of big soccer broadcasts, but because of some unforseen issues last night, that didn’t happen.  Here are some quick thoughts on the telecast:

1. VW, AT&T, NAPA, Go Daddy and Continental were among the featured national advertisers.

2. New sponsor Allstate was very evident on the in stadium electronic boards, as were Microsoft and many of the other known league sponsors.

3.  ESPN brought the studio team to the site and all three (Bretos, Lalas and Twellman) did a great job in the pre-game.  Bretos has really found his feet as a studio host and Twellman continues to improve.

4.  The Healey/Harkes tandem seemed to have a decent initial broadcast.  Healey is an established pro.

5.  It was nice that ESPN proactively provided the score of the RSL/Saprissa game.  Many fans were watching both at the same time, but it was good that the network recognized that fans had an interest in both games.

6.  ESPN also actively promoted its coverage of the upcoming USA friendly and its La Liga broadcasts.

7.  It is our understanding that the match had a new halftime sponsor “Hot Pockets”.

Sorry for the short post, we welcome your thoughts on the broadcast.