Soccer Stadium Update

On a day when San Jose finally started its demolition project, we thought we would take a quick look at the status of stadium construction around MLS.  Before we get to MLS notes, a quick not about MLS expansion candidate Atlanta.  The Falcons are moving towards a new outdoor stadium in close promixty to the Georgia Dome.  Arthur Blank, the Falcons’ owner, has long been a rumored MLS expansion owner and in an AJC article discussing the possible new stadium, the possibility of an MLS franchise coming to Atlanta was raised as possible stadium tenant.

In Portland, the renovated PGE Park continues towards completion (despite a slow loading webcam).  The team expects to have a new sponsor for the stadium, but the renovation is apparently on schedule.  For those intersted in the status of construction, the team offers a neat one minute time lapse camera of recent construction.  A summary of the renovation and a 3D image viewer of construction is here.

In Houston, Green Bank beat out 10 other institutions to fund 21% of the $33 million construction loan.  The team is expecting the stadium to be completed in time for the 2012 season.  According to the article, construction of the new park will lead to 1,500 jobs in Houston and 300 permanent jobs afer the stadium is complete.

Finally, as noted in the opening, San Jose started the construction process today, but beginning the demoltion of its future stadium site. Although the event included a fair amount of pomp and circumstance, the demoltion does not guarantee construction.  Financing and ownership committment still need to be confirmed before the job moves forward

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