MLS Joins with Allstate

In January, we reviewed a Turnkey Sports poll about MLS’ fans loyalty to league and team sponsors.  In short, the poll found that fans of MLS were more cognizant of the brands that invest in the league when compared to the other major sports.  Yet later that we week, we also said the following:  A close look at the SBJ/Turnkey poll reveals some glaring absences in the universe of MLS Sponsors.  The league has no hotel sponsor, no insurance sponsor, no fast food sponsor, no shipping sponsor and no bank sponsor.   Burger King was the last fast food sponsor for the league and Four Points hotels sponsored the MLS playoffs.  However, these are some glaring omissions from the roster of product categories that could be sponsoring the league.

One of those omissions was resolved today with the announcement that Allstate has signed a four year deal as the official insurance sponsor of MLS.  Like most of the league’s similar deals, Allstate is not simply buying into Major Legue Soccer.  By buying in with  SUM, Allstate is also gaining a relationship with USMNT, USWNT and renewing a relationship with the Mexican National Team.  Allstate also will have  an exclusive relationship with MLS Cup and the AT&T All Star game.   As part of its relationship with SUM, Allstate will sponsor a series of Hispanic themed events that include the Sueno MLS program.

While the league still has some significant sponsorship holes to fill, this deal represents an important signing for MLS.  These arrangements provide significant financial and commerical resources to sports leagues and provide a certain amount of credibility in the sports business world.  Allstate is the world’s largest personal lines insurer and has relationships with almost 16 million American homes.  MLS fans can anticipate a bevy of Allstate commercials during broadcasts.