The Monday After: Fox Trial, MLS Preseason & More

As we do every Monday, here is a roundup of some business issues from Friday and the weekend that we didn’t hit in our previous posts.  One of the big stories over the last few days has been an apprent increase in aggressiveness by various federal agencies seeking to close down sites that illegally stream live feeds of professional sports.  American soccer fans are often dependent on these fans to watch European matches not available in the United States or on their particular cable package.  It was therefore timely that Fox Soccer (through its site) decided to offer a free 7 day trial of its streaming service. The site offers an impressive array of live and archived matches that include EPL, Ligue 1, Champions League and more.  Typically costing $14.99 per month, the service is free through Feb. 23 for fans looking to test drive the content.

Elsewhere, the MLS preseason is heating up and many of the MLS teams are doing a great job keeping their fans updated on scriimmages and matches through Twitter.  The league’s official website has also stepped up its preseason offerings with in depth reporting and highlights from preseason games around the country.  There are also interviews and the video provides a nice work of the excellent Arizona facility where many teams are playing.  The quality of the broadcasts is surprisingly good and provide a great way for fans to keep track of their team in the weeks leading up to the season.

Sticking with the preseason theme, Dallas and Houston renewed their in-state rivalry over the weekend with a preseason match in Corpus Chrisi.  A couple of weeks ago we wrote about the  marketing for this match and based on reports, the event sold very well.  According to the local Corpus Christi paper, almost 5,500 were in the stands for the match.  That is a great showing for a neutral site MLS match.