Selling Tickets in Major League Soccer

Time for our first February look at how MLS teams are selling tickets in anticipation of the 2011 season. This is also our last look at these efforts prior to the official release of the schedule.  We’ll start in Columbus and Salt Lake City to see how the remaining Champions League teams are selling their home games in the competition. Columbus is offering a two ticket give away through its website and is promoting the game through a logo on the site.  However, there is no evidence of a sales promotion directed to the game.  The match is also aggressively promoted on the RSL website.  The team is offering a discount on tickets through its website (as compared to walk-up seats). RSL was offering an $80 2 pack that offers fans 2 tickets to two matches.  The team was using access to home opener to sell seats to its CONCACAF match on March 1.  The deal also included a beanie, but the deal is no longer available.

The Revs are promoting four and six game packages that include a ticket to the opening game, a commerative scarf and wall calendar for a discounted price.  The packages start at $68.  DC United is offering two promotional opportunities through its website.  The first is a 4 ticket and 4 pint glass offering for the home opener against Columbus.  The team is also offering 4 tickets to the home opener and an autographed poster of Andy Najar.  We’ll end in Los Angeles, where the Galaxy are offering 4 tickets to their home opener and 2 Galaxy blankets.