The Business of the Draft

It’s draft day in Major League Soccer, and once again, ESPN2 will offer coverage of the first round in Baltimore.  As in past years, the draft is in the middle of the day, requring working fans to DVR the draft, watch online or follow one of the many blogs that will offer coverage.  On Thursday we will offer a business blog of the draft and draft coverage.  Last year, the draft was memorable for the presence of the Sons of Ben and Philly’s first ever pick.

Last year’s broadcast was presented by adidas, and commercial advertisers included McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Scottrade, the Post Office and AT&T.  Commercials were actually few and far between.  Screen graphics were easy to follow and highlights were well timed and presented professionally.  Last year Rob Stone was the host of the draft coverage, with Harkes, Hopkins and Lalas on site.  This year, Twellman and Lalas are expected to provide the analysis, with Hopkins manning the convention floor. After the first round, the rest of the draft will be streamed on

Unlike most leagues, the majority of players in the draft have already signed with the league, either with standard contracts or through the GA program.  Thus, there will be no holdouts and no teams afraid to pick certain players because they cannot afford to sign them.  There is a list of approximately 150 players that are eligible for the draft and all drafted players must come from that list.  There are number of busses sponsored by the league and assorted supporters groups plan on making the trip.