Selling Tickets in Toronto

Toronto FC has announced that it has sold its entire season ticket allotment for 2011.  In order to fill out its season ticket roster, the team transferred 700 members from its waiting list to replace tickets that were not renewed.  Given the state of the team, lack of a coach, lack of success on the field and the disappointing display at MLS Cup, this represents a remarkable achievement for the franchise.  In its 5th year of existence, TFC has now sold out its season ticket allotment in each season.

There are reports that the waiting list is 10,000 strong.  These members have the right to pursue partial season ticket plans and walk-up tickets on the day of game.  The partial plans are for 9 games, which include 6 MLS matches, 2 premium games and a Canadian championship match.  The team wisely holds about 25% of the stadium for partial plan holders and walk-up tickets.  This allows non-season ticket holders to stay connected to the team and makes season tickets more desirable.  The league has rewarded these fans with an All-Star game and an MLS Cup over the last few years. Now it is time for the team to reward its own fans by winning on the field and making  run towards MLS Cup.

Toronto has yet to make the playoffs in MLS, yet it continues to enjoy support in the Toronto area.  The team has expanded the stadium, added a grass field and brought two DPs to BMO Field.  Although there have been some disputes with Supporters, the team has generally been responsive to its fanbase and the players have generated significant loyalty among its customers.