Happy Thanksgiving & A Call to Guest Bloggers

After a hectic day in MLS on Wednesday, it is time to take a breath and enjoy the Thanksgiving Weekend.  Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers and thank you for reading!

Every so often, we get inquiries from some of you about opportunities to post on Footiebusiness about soccer business issues.  Over the last 20 months we have published a number of  guest posts on an array of topics and would be happy to post some more.  Whether you are interested in a regular schedule of posts or a one off, please drop us a line.  If there is a particular business topic or City that you believe deserves more focus on our site, please let us know. Whether your focus is news or opinion (or a mix of both), send us an e-mail.

E-mail address is: footiebusiness@gmail.com

Have a great holiday weekend.