Covering the Coverage

The MLS Cup Final is set, with Colorado and FC Dallas making the trip to Toronto.  With both teams typically receiving limited coverage in their media markets, we thought it worth taking a look at the coverage of the teams in the local papers.  Before we do, we wanted note the double shot of MLS coverage in the most recent Sports Illustrated.  SI offered a brief paragraph on the retirement of Taylor Twellman last week.  In the same magazine, Grant Wahl offered a one page take on the MLS Cup Playoffs.

In Dallas, the Hoop’s playoff victory happened to coincide with a Dallas Cowboys’ victory, the Dallas News did offer a series of articles on the victory.  Longtime soccer writer Luis Bueno authored all three articles in the paper.  Bueno is based in California and did a credible job covering the match from an FC Dallas perspective.  However, it is telling that the paper didn’t send its own reporter to cover the game.  Moreover, it is apparent from the paper’s website, that soccer is not a priority; the link to soccer is halfway down the “other” section of the sports page.

In Colorado, the Denver Post’s post game coverage included three articles on the Rapids’ victory.  One of the articles was commentary and another looked ahead to the FC Dallas/Galaxy match.  Today’s paper included a summary of the Western Conference Final and started looking ahead to the MLS Cup Final.  The page also includes links to international soccer stories and AP coverage of the MLS Cup playoffs.