Covering the Media

As we have on occassion, we thought it worth taking a look at how the mainstream media is covering soccer in the United States.  We’ll start with Sports Illustrated, where last week’s edition of the magazine carried a story about Thierry Henry’s impact on the Red Bulls and MLS.  The story focuses on his transition to life in the Big Apple and Henry echoes the sentiment of a number of previous imports about the value of relative aynonymity.

The Boston Globe reported on the retirement of Taylor Twellman.  The Revs all time leading goal scorer was forced out of soccer due to head injuries and in losing Twellman, the team loses not just a great player, but the longtime face of the franchise.  Twellman was the most recognizable Rev, and was probably only player on the team with face and name recognition to mainstram sports fans on Boston.

The Salt Lake Tribune is continuing its excellent coverage of RSL’s playoff run with a series of articles this week.  RSL enjoys more in depth coverage than most MLS franchises and the Trib typically offers both news stories and commentary during the course of the RSL.

Similarly, the Seattle Times has continued its outstanding coverage of the Sounders.