MLS Playoff Broadcast Schedule

Major League Soccer has announced its broadcast schedule for the 2010 MLS Cup Playoffs.  Every game of the first round will be part of a national broadcast with ESPN/ESPN2 showing 4 games, FSC showing 2 games and Telefutura showing 2 games.  The Telefutura matches will also be shown on the respective teams local broadcast partners.

Not surprisingly, the Galaxy/Sounders match gets two games on the Worldwide Leader including the lone ESPN match.  The 8:00 p.m. start time probably runs into some Halloween conflicts across the country, but it is nice to see all games starting at a reasonable hour on the East Coast.  Both of those matches promise large crowds and energized environments which should make for good television.  The Halloween game does go up against Sunday Night Football and the World Series, but will probably offer commerical relief for fans of the traditional sports.  Catching a glimpse of Beckham/Donovan or the scene at Qwest will provide a benefit to the league.

Telefutura and ESPN2 will flip the San Jose/New York matchups and Columbus Colorado.  As we have previously stated, the Thursday night New York game will provide the most interesting test of event ticket sales.  Can the Red Bulls Front Office get 20,000 on what will likely be a cold weeknight in Harrison.

FSC will get both legs of RSL/Dallas on consecutive Saturday nights.  Continuity between the broadcasts will be welcome and we expect FSC to trot out its number one MLS broadcast team.  RSL is aggressively selling tickets and will likely generate heavy interest in Salt Lake City.  Chained to a short turn around, Dallas may be hard pressed to sell a substantial number of tickets.

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  1. With a week of ticket sales remaining, information on the Red Bull website (behind a firewall for season ticket holders) indicates that Red Bull has sold at least two-thirds of the seats for the first playoff game. At least it should not be an embarrassing turnout for a 50 degree midweek November evening (certainly better than playoff games at Giants Stadium when there were 5,000 people in an 80,000 seat stadium).

  2. The Red Bulls game already shows very good ticket sales with a little less than 1 week to go. The lower level is sold out, the 3 top midfield sections are getting close and the next two sideline sections are already at rows 15 and 11. Given past ticket buying habits where a lot of Red Bulls ticket buyers buy tickets in the last few days, this bodes very well for at the minimum 20K.

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